About Us

We are happy to introduce ourselves as one of the leading value added quality Process Equipments manufacturer, some of them being  
1 Spin Flash Drying System
2. Flash Drying system
3. Rotary Drying system
4. Drum Drying system
5. Agitated Nutche Filter
6. Hot Air Generator with possibility of variety of fuels (both direct and indirect heating)
7. Dust Collector for both Boiler and Chemical Process
8. ETP solutions with Zero Discharge possibilities
9. Granulation Plant
10. Falling film Evaporator
11. Distillation Column
12. Screw Conveyor System.
13. Pneumatic conveyor System
14. Shell and tube cooler, condenser, heater etc.
15 Autoclaves and Reaction Vessels.
16. Any Custom built Equipment when full process parameters are given, if needed equipments for pilot plant study can be developed.

MOC can be SS, Copper, Chrome-nickel Steel, Chrome-Moly Steel, Inconel, Monel,Titanium including clad plate material
Heat Exchangers can be with Tube to Tube sheet Welding, Welding and Light Expansion, only Expansion.
Mirror finish up to 220 grit size can be provided wherever needed.
We can provide epoxy painting on shot blasted surface to meet Stringent Standard.
We are equipped to manufacture equipments under Third Party Inspection as per approved Quality Assurance Plan.
Our welders are qualified and we can take up Equipments with 100% radiography requirements as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1.
We carry out Liquid Penetrate Examination as per ASME Sec V.
NDT services like Radiography, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, and Magnetic Particle Inspection can be availed as and when required.